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How can I purchase a child’s ceramic impression from Blessings from Above?
Blessings from Above is a home based business located in Highlands Ranch, CO. Appointments can be made by calling us directly at 303-683-4767, or by emailing us at Additionally, we can often be found at many of the local craft shows in and around Highlands Ranch.

How long does the imprint process take?
Depending on the size of your order and the number of children, each appointment typically takes between 15-20 minutes. Most of that time is spent selecting the shapes, sizes, and inscriptions to personalize your child’s imprint.  The actual impression only takes a few minutes.

Do you have gift certificates available?
Absolutely! Our gift certificates make a great gift for baby showers, mother’s day, father’s day, and Christmas. To order a gift certificate, please use the Contact Us page, or call 303-683-4767 for more information. Each gift certificate is accompanied with a product brochure.

Are your products safe for children?
Most definitely!  If our products weren’t safe for children, we wouldn’t be in business. Our products are made up of materials that are non-toxic, non-leaded, and kid friendly.

What makes your ceramics better than kits bought in stores?
There is a major difference between what we sell and the kits that you can find at retail stores. The biggest difference is that our product is ceramic, whereas, their product is plaster. In order for each piece to be created, colored glaze is infused in each piece and kiln fired. This makes our products much more durable and customizable. Additionally, we have the experience of doing thousands of impressions and will only sell products that you are happy with.

Is there an age limit?
No. We have done impressions of babies that are just a few hours old up to adults. In fact, since children grow so fast, we recommend getting their impressions done as early as possible. Please note, your child’s hand may determine what product sizes are available.

What forms of payment do you accept?
At this time, we are happy to accept cash or check.

When should I expect to receive my order?
Due to the nature of our products, each order will take between 6 to 8 weeks. This is primarily due to extended kiln firings, drying times, and glazing. However, once your product is complete, we will contact you immediately to schedule a time for pickup.  If you would like your product shipped, we are happy to do so for a small shipping fee.

What happens if my impression gets damaged during production?
In the unlikely event that your order is damaged during production, we are happy to come to you and re-do the impression. Please note, custom-made ceramics are unique, in other words, no two pieces are alike.

What is your customer satisfaction policy?
First and foremost, please understand that in ceramics, no two pieces are identical. Each piece is custom-made to look like the sample, but may contain minor inconsistencies (i.e. clay thickness). However, in the event that you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us within 7 days and we will either give you a full refund or re-do your child’s impressions.

Do you do parties?
Absolutely! Booking a party with us is a great way for us to do a large number of children in a short period of time. We often do parties for play groups, birthdays, preschools...basically anywhere children are. In the event that you would like to host a party, please contact as far in advance as possible so we can guarantee scheduling. Best of all, the host of the party will receive 10% of the total party’s purchases towards free products!

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